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My Pets

Projects I made for myself for no reason. Just to create something fun and maybe useful 👻

Surprising Gift Service

Surprising Gift Service

Send short funny quest with a personal message at the end.
Around 10 million yearly users. No promotions, it spreads alone.

Quick 'A'

Quick ‘A’

Web extension for Chrome browser that improves tab navigation user experience. Was featured on Chrome Web Store main page, then Google added very similar functionality to Chrome using same hotkeys, so I stopped working on it.

wireframes and protyping

Cute Cursors

This Chrome extension replaces the boring default cursor to something more fun and cute.

It was picked by Google on Chrome Webstore main page under personalization category. Then I sold it, and now it has more than million weekly users.

Nirvana Game

Nirvana - Game of life 🤟

Pixel art text-based quest game with reigns alike gameplay. Done by 3 guys, my first indie game. Nirvana reached more than millions installs without any paid promotion. Has nice retention numbers, good reviews and even fan base.

Voice To Text

Voice To Text

Chrome extension that converts voice to text. The difference between hundreds of similar extensions and services, that it works on any tab, no need to keep one tab constantly open.

Space Ranger Game

Space Ranger

Simplified sea battle in space setting. Hyper casual game. It's on alpha stage.

Diary Wheel

Candy Diary Wheel

Online user-generated diary based on random wheel actions. For each action user earns candies.

Magic Hat - mr. Number Predictor

Mr. Number Predictor

WIll predict any user’s number, using a simple mathematical trick. Don’t believe? Check it out!


That was the personal fiasco, I invested too much time in coding and missed important UX issues.

Magic Dust

JS Plugin: Magic Dust

Shiny blinking HTML particles that will bring a magic touch to buttons and other elements.

Has over 60 sales with 4.8 rating



Generates blinking stars with 6 customizable parameters. Add shiny, sexy or cartoon lights to any HTML element. Adjust placement, size, position, color, timing, star type.

Projects that were done working as UI/UX Designer working in company 👨‍💻

365 Scores


Live Sports Scores. More 10M+ satisfied users, 4.6 rated. My role was at redesigning according to the material design philosophy.


Radio Wave

Simple Music Radio with nice wave animation and smooth transitions. Unfortunately, it's not available anymore on stores.

Music Messenger


Hip-hop mixtapes, DJ remixes, and originally created tracks. The app is just for client, and WEB is for uploading tracks. To my great sorrow, this app isn't avialable anymore on stores.

Music Messenger


Location based anonymous timeline. Was never launched. I worked on animation, design system and UI.

Music Messenger


Mobile games catalog (similar to Google Play) for T-Mobile.

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